Head Micro Gel Radical MP Strung Tennis Racquet without Cover (4.5)

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Product Description

The Head MicroGel Radical MP is a 98in2 (632cm2) tennis racquet dedicated for intermediate and advanced level of play, and it’s exclusive to The racquet provides an excellent manoeuvrability, as well as increased precision due to a lighter weight at 295g (10.4oz) and head light balanced frame. The racket ensures a fine, firm feel and superior shot sensation, as well as excellent vibration attenuation thanks to a silicone-based MicroGel- material. The racket is supplied strung with Sonic Pro string in a closed 18×20 string pattern for added power, and superior playability.


  • On ball impact, Head Micro Gel uniformly distributes the impact load around the frame to provide a rock-solid feel and unique touch
  • The head size of the racquet is 98 square inches
  • The beam of the racquet is 21mm
  • The string pattern of the racquet is 18×20
  • The racquet weighs 10.4 oz and is standard in length at 27″
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